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2011-2-11 · 4130 was origionally welded using the gas welding process, if you have welded with as on all but the thinest of materials youll know it takes time for the job to come up to tempriture to be able to start to weld but that it also tends to cool slower as the whole of the weld area comes up to tempriture, the rub with any welding is not letting it cool too quickly, it is a coination of being

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2020-8-5 · ER4047 Aluminum welding wire. ER4047 is a type of product which can be applyed in welding all kinds of forging and casting or extruded shape aluminum alloys. And it has advantages of low melting point and good fluidity which avoids the distortion after welding. MORE

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2017-4-5 · The dynamic chemical makeup of the welding wire needs to be similar to the parent alloy to yield the most efficient and reduce welding deformation. One common problem that is encountered by manufacturers is how to repair production molds made out of 7000-series alloys due to their susceptibility to heat cracking or stress-corrosion.

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We offer copper free welding wire and other mild or low alloy welding wires to minimize contamination for x-ray quality welds and lower fumes during the welding process. 630 Axminister Drive, St. Louis, MO 63026 | 3232 East Loop North, Houston, TX 77029

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The vacuum melted bare welding wire 4130 VM per AMS6457 – low alloys steel – is widely used in aerospace and many other critical appliions to achieve lighter weight and improve weldability in highly stressed joints of low alloy steel structures,which are capable of being heat treated to a minimum tensile strength of 180,000 psi.


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2016-7-8 · The weldment consists of 4130 sheet/plate and pipe that is heat treated to 125-145 KSI ultimate tensile strength prior to welding. The sheet/plates range from .125”-.625” thick and the tubes range from .188”-.250” wall thickness.

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3 SAE AMS 6346B (2013) Steel Bars 0.95Cr - 0.20Mo (0.28 to 0.33C) (SAE 4130) Hardened and Tempered, 125 Ksi (862 MPa) Tensile Strength


2018-9-25 · of trace elements and physical purity of the welding wire surface. ®4130 is a popular high strength, low alloy steel wire used for fabriing alloys of similar composition to produce joints with good toughness, strength and reproducibility. Universal engineering alloy.

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Low-alloy copper-coated solid wire with Cr-Mo additions designed for welding high strength steels of similar chemical composition. It is used for overlay appliions where moderate hardness is required. To be used under the shield of Ar+CO2.

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Welding procedure qualifiion is the most common method of verifying that the methods put in place to control the hardness generate welds complying with the hardness requirements. It is carried out in accordance with the ASME IX requirements using actual production material or a steel of the same grade but with the maximum carbon equivalent

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Cast Iron Welding Wire Royal 44-30 is an excellent MIG (Gas Metal Arc Welding) alloy for making repairs on all ductile and malleable irons. The Royal 44-30 is also useful for the welding of other high-strength nodular and gray cast irons where maximum strengh and ductility are required.

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2014-9-5 · I''ve used the ER80S-D2, ( also pure 4130 and CMS 32 ) on 4130 and the ER80S-B2 ( as A32 ) when welding 25CrMo4 ( European equivalent, sort of, for 4130 ) to 1.7734 ( 15CDV6 ) which is a CrVa steel. Last edited by kiwi2wheels on Fri Sep 05, 2014 7:05 pm, edited 1 time in total.

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For thicker sections of 4130, 4140, or other low alloy steels, a preheat slows cooling rate, drives off moisture, and lessens the chance of a hard brittle weld. filler metal selection for 4130. The 2 most commonly used filler metals for tig welding 4130 chromoly are: ER70S-2. ER80S-D2

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2015-8-31 · When joining A514 to other low-alloy steels or carbon steels of lower strength, use a filler metal with strength that meets the lower-strength base material''s properties. For example, when welding ASTM A36 to A514, use a 70-KSI-tensile-strength electrode to match the lower-strength material.

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2006-3-26 · When welding 4130, preheating to 300°F is strongly recommended by the American Welding Society (AWS) to relieve stresses in the metal. When choosing a wire, most people opt for ER80S-D2 or ER70S-2. ER80S-D2 will provide the most weld strength.

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INEFIL 4130 Mig Mag wire for welding high strength steels. DETAILS. INEFIL 4130. Mig Mag wire for welding high strength steels. DETAILS. Classifiions. Welding Type: GMAW. Page 1 of 1. Products per page. SUBSCRIBE TO INE NEWSLETTER TO GET THE LATEST NEWS. Subscribe. I …

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ER– An electrode or filler rod that is used in either a MIG wire feed or TIG welding.; 70– A minimum of 70,000 pounds of tensile strength per square inch of weld.; S-Solid wire.; 6– The amount of deoxidizing agent and cleansing agent on the electrode.This is a copper coating on the electrode and there are different types too. MIG Wire Electrode Label Meaning for a ER70S-6 Label


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Steel, Welding Wire 0.95Cr - 0.20Mo (0.28 - 0.33C) (SAE 4130) Vacuum Melted, Environment Controlled Packaging AMS6457E This specifiion covers a low-alloy steel in the form of welding wire. Revision History Related Info

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New welding process opens up uses for formerly un-weldable lightweight alloy The resulting welded joints have a tensile strength of up to 392 megapascals – by contrast, the commonly-used

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Blue Demon ER4130 is a low alloy, welding wire suited for tig welding very high strength low alloy steels as well as tool steels like AISI 4130, 4140, 4150 and 4340. In some cases may be used to weld AISI 8620. Also for joining steels of similar chemical composition, as well as for overlays where moderate hardness is required. Normal preheat 200°C. Inter-pass 430°

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2014-2-4 · i have decided to build a legal eagle xl but before starting I looked around for an unfinished project well I found one however I am not too sure about it. the fuse has been mig welded I have been told that the heat from mig welding cause the 4130 to lose strength. there are other concerns about this opportunity I will state them here although maybe I need to start a different thread after I

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2020-7-6 · arc welding process. They are fully developed in-house and are manufactured in our special-ized production unit in Hamm, Germany. The product range comprises over 120 wire / flux coinations covering non-alloyed, weather resisting, high strength, low-temperature and creep resistant steel, all types of stainless steel, as well as nickel-base

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AISI 4130 and similar: Appliions: High strength low alloy Cr-Mo welding wire used to weld alloys of similar chemical composition. Excellent duttility, good toughness and high stress resistance. Used in aeronautical sector, costruction of connectiong rods for automotive sector, fixing parts, gears, bolts, axes, atc. Approvals: Contact ITALFIL ×

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2019-1-2 · 4130 Description-Weldcote 4130 is a high strength, low alloy welding wire used for joining high strength steel of similar chemical composition and for overlay appliions where moderate hardness is required. This wire may be used for the GMAW, GTAW, and SAW welding processes. A preheat and interpass temperature of 400°F is required. Approvals